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Steamed Basmati Rice
Fine quality long grained basmati rice specially imported from India.

Peas Pulav
Basmati rice cooked with green peas in saffron flavored.

Vegetable Biryani
Basmati rice and vegetable flavored with saffron and cooked on low heat.

Chicken Biryani

Basmati rice and chicken richly flavored with saffron and cooked with exotic indian herbs on low heat.

Lamb Biryani
Basmati rice and lamb richly flavored with saffron and cooked with exotic Indian herbs on a low heat

Shrimp Biryani

Basmati saffron rice cooked with shrimp in Indian spices.

Mt. Everest Special Biryani
Basmati rice with saffron and cooked with shrimp,lamb and chicken in mild indian spices.


Flat leavened bread baked in Tandoori oven.

Piyazi Kulcha (Onion)
A light leavened bread stuffed with finely chopped onions.

Keema Naan (Minced Lamb)
Naan baked with tender minced lamb stuffing.

Masala Naan
A garlic, carrots and chilli stuffed bread, baked in clay oven.

Paneer Kulcha
Light leavened breads stuffed with chopped cottage cheese.

Whole wheat layered bread from tandoor.

Whole wheat bread baked in our clay oven.

Aloo Paratha
Whole wheat bread stuffed with mashed potatoes and spices& baked in clay oven.

Pudina Paratha
Whole wheat bread stuffed with mint & baked in clay oven

Garlic Naan
Flat leavened bread with finely chopped garlic backed in a tandoor.

Leavened and fermented bread fried in hot oil.

Deep-fried. whole wheat puffy bread.

Bread Basket
Assorted of Naan, Pyazi Kulcha, Roti, Paneer Kulcha, Garlic Naan.