Appetizer Indian​

 Vegetable Samosa    

(2 pieces) $5.99 

Crispy golden pastry, stuffed with potatoes, green peas, spices and herbs.

Mix Vegetable Pakora


Crispy assorted vegetables, golden fried with light chickpeas flour batter.

Chicken Pakora


Boneless Chicken breast marinated with Himalayan spices and onion and deep fried.

Onion Bhaji


Onion fritters marinated with spiced batter and golden fried.

Fish Pakora


Succulent marinated fish fingers dipped in spiced batter and fried.

 Mt. Everest

Assorted Appetizer


Assortment of our different varieties of appetizers.Vegetarian samosa, vegetarian pakora,

fish pakora, onion bhaji, chicken pakora

Appetizer Nepali

Chicken Momo (Chicken Or Vegetable)

$11.99 (8 pieces)

 Nepali style steamed chicken dumplings served with Nepali tomato aachar (relish).

Jhol Momo


 Fabled Nepalese momo served in a chefs Special soup.

Aloo ko Aachar
Mouth watering addictively refreshing tangy dish made with potatoes

sesame seed and nepalese spices.

Chicken Chilli Momo
Our newest special, already a hit on UberEats…

Momo tossed with green, red pepper and onions with special chilli sauce.

Veg Chilli Momo
Our newest special, already a hit on UberEats…
Momo tossed with green, red pepper and onions with special chilli sauce.

Suruwa Soups

Vegetable Soup

Mixed vegetable delicately simmered with Indian spices.

Chicken Soup

Hearty Chicken and vegetables broths with Himalayan spices and herbs.


Katchumber Salad


(Traditional Indian salad is a must during lunch and dinner )

Small cubes of  cucumber, onion, tomatoes, and fresh mint seasoned with light

spices and freshly squeezed lemon.


Kheera Raita


Chilled homemade yogurt blended with chopped cucumber, roasted

cumin seeds and garnished with cilantro.

Mixed Pickles


 Distinctively flavoured hot and spicy mixed vegetable pickles.



Plain homemade yogurt.

Mango Chutney


Sweet and tangy mango relish.

Green Chutney
Refreshingly tangy coriander, mint and onion relish.



Flat crispy lentil bread.

Onion Salad
 Slices of onions, green chillies and lemon wedge.


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